How To Make Your Job Search More Effective With Jobsora?


What Jobsora is world known online employment platform for people looking for a job and the recruiters who are in search of great employees.

Jobsora is a job board that operates in India and more than 70 countries around the world. At the heart of Jobsora’s success lies a desire to make the process of connecting job seekers and employees as easy as possible.

How Does Jobsora Improve The Process Of Searching For The Job?

With new technology, it has become much easier to find a job and post a job offer. The tools and practices Jobsora has implemented allow avoiding duplicate job posting. There is no need to post a job offer on several career websites.

The point is Jobsora is checking job offers placed on the web. If the same job ad is placed on Jobsora a few times, they are removed automatically so that only one of them is listed. It helps to save time and money as well as to facilitate the whole job search.

How To Post A Job Offer And Apply For A Job On Jobsora?

Job Search More Effective With Jobsora

When filling in the registration form on the Jobsora platform, an employer is asked to provide the following details:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Password
  • Phone Number
  • Company Name

In order to fasten the process of finding the best candidates, Jobsora offers another option, that is, paid job offers.

Jobsora has one of the largest databases of job seekers in the world. What is convenient for seekers is that millions of seekers are able to apply to the job at home, in the office or wherever else in a few clicks.

Before you apply to a specific company, make sure you crafted your resume. You can either fill in the form or upload a ready-made document.

The Benefits Of Using Jobsora For Employers And Job Seekers

Jobsora allows reaching a wide audience by automating the job posting process. It takes a maximum 7 minutes to post an ad. To make it easier for recruiters, posting jobs is totally free of charge.

It helps to increase the targeted audience and choose the suitable candidate easier.

One more benefit is an employer doesn’t need to surf on the web in search of the top career sites, learn how they work, register many times to post the same job offer.

Jobsora recrurare în România enables finding candidates from almost any location in the world. Jobsora offers an ability to find employees either for free or for minimum cost.

The platform claims to guarantee a seamless operations process, providing 24/7 customer and marketing support and many more.

When talking about the benefits of premium posting, it allows posting paid job ads at an affordable price. An employer is charged not for a certain number of job offers but targeted clicks only.

It means that the potential applicant has viewed an offer, the employer has to pay for this view.

This appears to be a more economical use of the budget. The promotion of vacancies does not depend on the type of account.

Either standard or premium, it allows to change the amount, suspend and close the job offer at any time. Note that if the ad is paid, it is marked with badge ‘Premium’ and placed at the top of the search results list to be visible to the maximum number of job applicants.

Jobsora is using an integrated approach that combines innovative technology and advanced tools into a powerful solution.

The platform enables an easy search of candidates and job offers. The process is streamlined to help users save time and money.

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